Friday, July 3, 2015

Colloquium Vlog Day 3 and 4!

My apologies for the delay in posting, but here are a few more clips from the day throughout the colloquium over the past days!

Honorary Doctorate for Pope Emeritus Benedict

Today the 3rd of July 2015, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI will receive the Honorary Doctorate from the Pontifical University John Paul II and the Academy of Music in Krakow in Castel Gandolfo.

Before leaving for Castel Gandolfo, Pope Emeritus Benedict was visited by the Holy Father Pope Francis at the Mater Ecclesiae convent.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

An Open Letter to Colloquium 25 Colleagues at Duquesne

My dear CMAA sisters and brothers at the 25th Colloquium,

Eight years ago I sat in some auditorium at Catholic University in D.C. and listened to Professor William Mahrt lay forth the the blueprint for what we now call by a number of names: the Reform of the Reform, Progressive Solemnity, Brick by Brick, et cetera. I am unable to be with you all this year, particularly as I love Pittsburgh and Duquesne with special affection and despite having separated my shoulder on her city streets after the second colloquium.

But with a special, almost burning joy, I want to let you all know that the prophetic remedies for the liturgical and musical sorrows and desert that Dr. Mahrt has provided all within ear and eye shot through his whole life, these are and will continue to bear great fruit. It’s dinner time back in Pennsylvania as I type this. I just came home from the latest in a series of tutorials for one of our associate pastors. Essentially, when he came to the parish not even a year ago as a fairly new priest ordained only one year, he had no essential chanting skills that would enable him to negotiate all the celebrant’s orations in the Missal. By rote memory he would intone a “Per ipsum” that he’d acquired in seminary. After a few months, he asked if I would be willing to help him learn to sing the Mass. Sing the Mass. Well, now as I type, he can chant the whole Third Edition from the “In Nomine…to the Ite Missa est.” Indeed, Deo gratias! I come from every one of these sessions fully of holy joy, for the Lord has sent this priest to us, a sign of His care for His people and their worship of Him in holy and fit manner.

This associate pastor is also now competent and has celebrated the Missa Lecta in the Usus Antiquior, and we are now talking about moving towards both the celebration of a fully sung Novus Ordo in Latin, and a Missa Cantata in the Traditional Latin Mass. So, it can be done. Anywhere, by anyone (like our new priest) who will devote themselves to the simple disciplines laid out for us in our documents, and in study volumes such as Professor Mahrt’s MUSICAL SHAPE OF THE LITURGY will experience my joy. If this is your first colloquium, and you’re going to return this weekend to a parish stultified by mediocrity, do NOT despair. In time, with learning, experience and repeated practice, the things you are doing this week become a real possibility at your home parish.

Fare thee well, my colleagues.

Kwasniewski's O Passio Magna - Sights and Sounds from the Colloquium

Pope Paul VI on Latin and Gregorian Chant

In present conditions, what words or melodies could replace the forms of Catholic devotion which you have used until now? You should reflect and carefully consider whether things would not be worse, should this fine inheritance be discarded. It is to be feared that the choral office would turn into a mere bland recitation, suffering from poverty and begetting weariness, as you yourselves would perhaps be the first to experience. One can also wonder whether men would come in such numbers to your churches in quest of the sacred prayer, if its ancient and native tongue, joined to a chant full of grave beauty, resounded no more within your walls. We therefore ask all those to whom it pertains, to ponder what they wish to give up, and not to let that spring run dry from which, until the present, they have themselves drunk deep.
Of course, the Latin language presents some difficulties, and perhaps not inconsiderable ones, for the new recruits to your holy ranks. But such difficulties, as you know, should not be reckoned insuperable. This is especially true for you, who can more easily give yourselves to study, being more set apart from the business and bother of the world. Moreover, those prayers, with their antiquity, their excellence, their noble majesty, will continue to draw to you young men and women, called to the inheritance of our Lord. On the other hand, that choir from which is removed this language of wondrous spiritual power, transcending the boundaries of the nations, and from which is removed this melody proceeding from the inmost sanctuary of the soul, where faith dwells and charity burns – We speak of Gregorian chant – such a choir will be like to a snuffed candle, which gives light no more, no more attracts the eyes and minds of men.
Apostolic Letter Sacrificium Laudis

Sanctus III: Sights and Sounds from the Colloquium

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

"Banished Repertoire: Sequences"

Dr Jennifer Donelson's presentation, during a break-out session, was, as one would expect from her, enlightening, thought provoking and, well... just plain fun.

She is a delightful and engaging teacher.

I was not the only one charmed by the sequence for St Nicholas' feast day, ("...Who, whilst in his cradle lying, by observing duly fast/ Heavenly joys began to merit even at his mother's breast."* Who would NOT be?!!?? Imagine it, no, thanks Mom, it's Lent, ya know, as he gently nudges away the proffered nourishment...)

But I was also not the only one disappointed that his rumoured pasting of Arius at the council of Nicea was not mentioned in the lyric, so I offer my humble contribution to the literature. (The meter, I've chosen, 10 10 11, is not one I associate with any tune I've ever heard, but the meter of the translation in the hand-out seemed to vary quite widely, so forgive me...)

Champion of orthodoxy, vying,
'Gainst those foes, who, Christ's Godhead denying,
Boldly, blindly followed errant Arius.

Nicholas in council was defending
Truth, with many heretics contending,
Landing blows with his fists and words, various.

*Digby S Wrangham's englishing of the sequence.

Colloquium Vlog - Day 2

The second full day of the Colloquium is complete, and things are going well! Want to see what we did? Check out my vlog for today!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Date and Location Announced for the 2016 Colloquium

This weekend, as part of the Colloquium, the annual CMAA member meeting in Pittsburgh and it was announced that the next colloquium will be at St. Louis, MO - June 20 - June 25, 2016. Mark your calendars!

Some Sounds and Sights from the Colloquium

Lord, Make Me to Know Thy Ways by Byrd, directed by Horst Buchholz

Colloquium Vlog - Day 1

Well, everyone has finally arrived last night, and while unfortunately I forgot my camera at dinner, I did get it for some snippets of the organ concert by Dr. Ann Labounsky, followed by compline. Below are a few clips from both those events. and keep an eye on the Cafe tomorrow morning for clips from today!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Looking Forward to Colloquium Vlogs?

Looking forward to vlogs from this year's just-began CMAA Colloquium for some vicarious participation of your own? Fear not, they will be returning this year! Stay tuned here to the Chant Cafe!