A Universal Song

From one person who could not attend this year:

I am one of the – I’m sure – many people who wanted to be at the CMAA colloquium this year, but couldn’t get away from my work and home this time. I have been a regular at the colloquium for the past few years, and have been abundantly blessed. I’ve made wonderful friends who share my passion for sacred music and Catholic orthodoxy, learned so much about my faith and it’s rich musical heritage, and have been emboldened and empowered to take what I’ve learned and improve the liturgical life in my own parish.

On Monday, June 21, I felt a little sad – sad that I would not be greeted by the bright shining smiles who always make me feel welcome at the colloquium. I sat down to dinner that evening, imagining what charming wit from “the bow-tied one” I would not get to enjoy. I lamented in knowing that all that beauty of prayer and music was happening in Pittsburgh, and I was stuck in Piqua, Ohio. I was surely there in spirit.

Then on the evening of June 24, we were celebrating the Nativity of St. John the Baptist. As we chanted Tu Puer at Communion, I was filled up and overwhelmed with the revelation that many miles away, fellow Catholics were singing/praying the exact same words with the exact same melody for the exact same occasion. My CMAA friends were worshiping in the Extraordinary form, we were in the Ordinary form. The Communion Proper reminded me that around the globe, Catholics were united in mind, heart, and spirit. Sacred music is a wonderful outward expression of this unity.

The CMAA is more far-reaching than the 250 of it’s participants each year. It is helping to lift up worship and worshipers in many small towns, just like mine, and it is truly strengthening the Body of Christ at a real grass roots level.

Thank you so much for your tireless passionate work, your excellent online presence, and your absolute devotion to all things authentically Catholic. We are all blessed to have such a faithful group of people working for the CMAA, and for all the stewards and students of the Sacred Liturgy around the world. You work is saving souls!