Remarkable Program at St. Mary’s, Sydney

Thomas Wilson is only 28 years old but as the new director of music he is bringing glorious things to St. Mary’s Cathedral in Sydney, Australia. Trained at Westminster, he is working to bring Gregorian propers and traditional polyphonic music to this very important liturgical venue. Have a look at the full program for this week, and dream.

6 Replies to “Remarkable Program at St. Mary’s, Sydney”

  1. I still think it's a valid question. Are any of us satisfied with just one Mass per weekend? That's never been my goal as a music director: one good Mass and the rest trailing along behind.

  2. Todd, he is the director of music, and this program only shows this one Mass. The entire program is good. I deleted your comment so as not to demoralize the director or spread misinformation.

  3. Would that this were not so much the exception as the rule. This should be the expectation of any cathedral program and serves as the basis for progressive solemnity observed in all respects liturgical and musical.

  4. Well, the very least you could have done is retain my praise for the musical selections. Your editing was unhelpful in that regard.

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