St. Gall online

You can look at the prehistory of modern chant editions, with manuscripts from the first millennium of Christianity, by browsing the full Paleographie Musicale in PDF. This is, in so many ways, the fulfillment of the vision of Mocquereau and Pothiers, who imagined a future in which everyone in the world could examine these manuscripts without needing to travel to farflung places. It took more than 100 years, but at last that dream is a reality. Also, the availability of these books underscores the reality that this kind of detailed study of pre-Guido chant signs was not something pioneered in the 1950s but has been of central concern to Solesmes from the very beginning.

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  1. St Gallen Abbey has been collecting ancient manuscripts from all over Europe for a very long time. They are now digitising their collections, and are freely available for consultation at:

    They have a treasure of manuscripts on chant that can be viewed right on your own computer screen!

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