Fantastic News from Baltimore

This entire parish is going Roman Catholic and maintaining Anglican Use, with music centered on the wonderful Palmer-Burgess Gradual, books that can be used in any ordinary form parish. It’s English chant set to Gregorian melodies. They are certainly worth owning. They are very affordable. Get them here.

And think of this. With the magnificently corrected Roman Missal coming out this time next year (that’s a long time of nights sleepless with anticipation), the now far-apart worlds of the ordinary form and the Anglican Use will draw more closely together. We are looking more and more at the lovely ecumenism we should all favor, namely a universal sound and feel of the Roman Rite, whether the ordinary form, extraordinary form, or Anglican Use.

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  1. Jeffrey, I hope you don't mind my taking the liberty of quoting you in PrayTell's Quote of the Day thread. I thought the folks there might find that "lovely ecumenism" an especially attractive argument for the new English translation. The promise of increased unity amongst the different forms of the Roman rite really is a beautiful and exciting idea.

  2. Yes that is nice news and it is a fine "parish" with obviously good people. But Catholics tend to romanticize. When you speak of a "whole parish" converting – remember that it is an Anglican parish and not a Catholic parish. In other words, their average Sunday attendance is less than 50 people.

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