Introducing “LiturgiCal”

Christopher Berardi, lead developer of the Sacred Music Project has just released an early beta of a new piece of software, LiturgiCal. Find more information here.

LiturgiCal will be the feature that drives the forthcoming Sacred Music Project web platform that will organize Public Domain and Creative Commons sacred music resources, scores, recordings, catechesis, and much more. LiturgiCal is a 0.1 beta release and additions will be made each day, possibly several times a day. Be sure to check back often as it develops. It is sure to be a very useful tool for Catholic musicians.
You could think of the new SMP platform as a sort of “liturgical CPDL”, or a liturgy planning resource that organizes and makes available musical scores that are proper to or pertinent to a given liturgy. It is our hope to have a “complete parish resource” available in the form of a web resource in time for the implementation of the new translation of the Roman Missal. Look for a beta release this Fall.
Please use your imagination when considering this project. A vision has been put forth and a team effort has begun to move forward in realizing it. These are signs of early beginnings, but we have great hopes that this will soon become a resource that could provide to a parish everything that they need to run and organize a music program, and much more.
If you would like more information or if you would like to participate in some way please contact us.