5 Replies to “Magnus technologica diei nuntius”

  1. There is a youthful to Google translate can be from the context, the Latin. It chanced that technology with a great thanks to the error of 1970 is never repeated. But this does not eliminate the need for Father to us, he would give Z translations accurately emancipated.

  2. Verse 3 of Verbum supernum prodiens:

    Shine the light now his breast
    Nabis, with your love of consuming;
    was heard by a herald,
    they are driven back at last slippery ground.

    It's nice. It's kinda like haiku, or William Carlos Williams.

  3. Hmm It cant translate the words 'Latin Mass' – it just renders them as 'Latin Mass'.
    And 'Our Lady Star of the Sea' becomes 'Nostre Stella Maris'

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