Monday, September 27, 2010

A Plea from Leuven

This morning, we had Mass for the opening of the school year at St. Peter’s Church, preceded by a procession of faculty in academic garb through the streets of Leuven.  The Mass was almost entirely in Dutch, with one reading, part of the Eucharistic prayer, and a few of the “people’s parts” in English....  At the time of the Lord’s Prayer (during which we sat), the program indicated that “everybody can pray in his/her own language”.  That’s nice—but wait! We have a common liturgical language which can and ought to be used! This is a prime example of why and when the Latin language should be used; after all, we are Latin Rite Catholics! Despite our many languages (Babel), we could have been praying together in a common tongue (Pentecost)!

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