St. Basil School of Gregorian Chant

A note from M. Jackson Osborn on upcoming chant educational programs from the St. Basil School of Gregorian Chant:

Beginning Saturday, the 2nd October St Basil’s School of Gregorian Chant will conduct an eight week course in chant at St Basil’s Chapel at the Univ of St Thomas. The course will cover basic reading of chant notation and solfege, the development of chant from ancient cantillation, and its progress through the Gregorian and Carolingian periods, as well as chant in the ordinary and proper of the liturgical seasons. Guest faculty will offer lectures on the history of our liturgy, chant in mediaeval and illuminated manuscripts, and chant in the thought of Vatican II and successive Popes. Chant in both English and Latin will be taught, with emphasis laid on repertory and singing. Also, the new translation will be discussed. The course consists of three hour sessions on eight Saturday mornings and all day for the last Saturday, culminating in the solemn vigil of Christ the King. The mass will be all plainsong, featuring the Burgess-Palmer propers and Mass XII (Pater cuncta) according to Fr Columba’s adaptation. All readings and the prayers of the faithful will be sung.
This, following a winter workshop with Fr Columba, a post-Easter 8 week course, and a summer 8-week course, will be our last offering for this year. We resume next year with another winter workshop with Fr Kelly on the three days preceding the last Sunday before Ash Wednesday.
Please pray for the success of our continuing efforts at satisfying the great thirst among Catholics for the genuine music of our faith–and for experiencing the Roman Rite in its inalienable integrity.

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  1. I am so glad to see this – what an opportunity in this country to be able to study over a course of weeks and actually absorb this material – our prayers will be with you for much success!

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