This can happen in any parish

Here is “a typical suburban parish” with a chant program that didn’t exist several years ago. Now it thriving. They are singing the real propers of the Mass straight from liturgical books. If you think big, work hard, dedicate yourself to the task, this can happen. If, on the other hand, you settle for a weekly hymn roulette and just getting by, this will not happen. 

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  1. Correction: This can happen in any parish where it is not being actively opposed by the pastor and the music director. We are not all blessed with pastors who are interested in returning to the propers and to chant.

  2. I only wish that this were the average suburban parish acoustic! In my experience most suburban parishes are carpeted with low ceilings, which needless to say poses a significant problem for unaccompanied chant. But bravo for a job well done!

  3. Nice singing. I'm assuming this is an Extraordinary Form Mass, so this isn't quite your average suburban experience.

    And yes, they're very lucky indeed.

  4. Dear Jeffery:
    Just to comment that at St. Theresa, there has been a chant schola and program there for at least the last 6 years, where I was music director for the last five. We brought in Scott Turkington, and worked very hard each week for years. That is why the schola can sing chant so well there now. It did not just happen. The credit should go to the great guys in the schola who have worked very hard over a long period.
    Gregory Hamilton

  5. What happened to this footage?
    I would really appreciate seeing it again, and being able to pass it on to both my parish priest AND the youth music group, which are actually KEEN to incorporate chant into the Mass that has been designated the 'youth Mass'.

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