Sunday, October 3, 2010

Become One Body, But Where Is It?

The Bishops of the English-speaking world cooperated on producing an interactive DVD to educate people on the New Missal (3rd edition): "Become One Body One Spirit in Christ." It has been many years in the making.The idea is to avoid the great calamity of 1969/70 in which a new and dramatically changed Missal was suddenly foisted on the whole world, emptying parishes and smashing the ritual relationship people had with the faith for centuries.

This time, they are taking no chances. I've heard that a total of $500,000 was spent on this DVD's production. There is a full website devoted to it. It's been shown to at least one live audience. ICEL continues to talk about it. There is a youtube promotional available since April (231 views).

However, I can't seem to find anywhere to actually buy this DVD. The USCCB lists it as backordered. The UK talks about it as if it is not ready. I can't figure out the South African site (lots of stuff but no store). The New Zealand site is down. Maybe it's my eyes but I see nothing about it in Canada. Australia doesn't allow international orders. I guess no one thought to make it available on Amazon.

Do I have to buy it from Ireland, which seems to be the only source?
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