Simple Propers for All Souls

Download them here

Note that the chants for the Feast of All Souls are the same as the Requiem (Funeral) Mass. What if we were to sing these instead of “On Eagle’s Wings” and “Amazing Grace” at our parish funerals? Probably would make quite a difference.

I would also love some feedback on the Offertory “Domine Iesu Christe”. This is a tricky one to handle!

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  1. Adam, I've been getting the music together for my choir for a Requiem we'll be singing in mid-November. I reset the offertory to a psalm tone (peregrinus) as the Graduale melody would have been too much to do with my group of new chanters. It's posted on my choir site, for November 12. Both the PDF and an MP3 are available.

  2. Faure's "Pie Jesu" is a very nice option for the Offertory during a N.O. Mass – plus it's very accessible for skeptic pastors/congregations who are weary of not singing everything. Plus it's easy to put together with a competent soloist/organist.

  3. Though with a few rehearsals you could sing Faure's "Domine Jesu" — the best piece from the entire Requiem — (on a less practical note)

  4. Fr. William A. Bauman set the Offertory to the "Tonus Peregrinus" in the People's Mass Book, 1966: M-49, pg. 313; so did Steve Cavanaugh re-do all that work?
    In the same book, Sr. Amelia Drescher, Ad. PP.S. did a wonderful job setting the Requiem Offertory to a chant in English: M-48, pg. 296.

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