Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Two Commentaries on the New Translation

Jerry Galipeau is feeling ever better about the new translation.

"At this point in my own journey with the new translation, that I am seeing this whole development as much more organic. The only way that the new translation is really going to take root here in the United States is if we give people solid information; solid knowledge directly from the sources. We need to lay it all out for people. We need to show them that there are significant differences between the way the Latin was translated into English and the way the Latin was translated into many of the world's languages."

What he is getting at is a point that is so far being avoided for understandable reasons. He senses that the best way to explain the coming change is to show people that this new translation is an improvement, not just a change but an upgrade. I think he is exactly right.

Already, some priests are making their own videos to demonstrate this. Here is an example.

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