Jeffrey Ostrowski’s Psalms in Print

This has been a long-time coming but finally they are available: Ostrowski’s own contribution to the Chabanel Psalms in bound volumes for singer, organist, and congregation. You find them to be solemn, beautiful, and singable. They are actually affordable.

This is extremely interesting in so many ways:

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  1. 2 mins 58 secs in – "Oh my friends" was just the best example of the rubbish I've heard so many times over in so-called "folk masses", it just invites and ending with a bit of a drum solo and a bah-deesh on the cymbals before the electric guitars and keyboards come in for a refrain. I can just see the "cantor" holding a mike and swaying as (s)he sings it in front of the congregation while I listen to it.

    I've got to be honest though, while I don't exactly like them, Owen Alstott's compositions actually aren't that bad in comparison to some of the rubbish I've heard.

  2. on the cmaa forum, the composer claims he tried to find the best resp. psalms he could, to avoid the 'straw man' accusation….I agree

  3. I believe the Revised Grail translation will be available in December, and this translation is allowed to be sung at Mass. However, I have heard from various places that the Revised Grail translation might not appear in Lectionaries for many years.

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