Thursday, November 18, 2010

The "Received Text" on WikiLeaks

Many pages of new English translation of the full Roman Missal, in the near-final form as adapted by Rome, has appeared on Wikileaks, as noted by PrayTell.

You are welcome to look through it all, and it would be great if people would post samples and compare them to the current Missal, but here is just one sample of the coming changes that you can look forward to.

In the current Missal at the Easter Vigil, following the Gloria, the priest says in a cadence and language now all-too-familiar to Catholics:

Lord God,
you have brightened this night
with the radiance of the risen Christ.
Quicken the spirit of sonship in your Church;
renew us in mind and body
to give you whole-hearted service.

The received text is very different: liturgical, grand, intelligent, respectful, solemn:

O God, who make this most sacred night radiant
with the glory of the Lord's Resurrection,
stir up in your Church a spirit of adoption,
so that, renewed in body and mind,
we may render you undivided service.

Or consider the differences in the prayer after communion for the Second Sunday in Ordinary Time, starting with the current (lame-duck) version:
Lord, you have nourished us with bread from heaven.
Fill us with your Spirit,
and make us one in peace and love.

Groovy. Now consider the forthcoming version:

Pour on us, O Lord, the Spirit of your love,
and in your kindness make those you have nourished
by this one heavenly bread,
one in mind and heart.
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