Friday, November 19, 2010

Simple Propers for the First Sunday of Advent

I would like to express a special word of gratitude to all of you who have supported the Simple English Propers Project at the Chant Café from the bottom of my heart. It is truly a miracle how this project has come together and I think that we have all seen the transformative power of Divine Charity when we choose to participate with it. The sacred music community was able to gather for the Simple Propers project $5000 in exactly two weeks which will enable the project to be properly done in a timely and productive fashion. I am personally grateful to each benefactor who has seen value in this project and who has communicated that value through a financial contribution. When the project is complete it will be shared with everyone forever. Your gift will "keep on giving". Thank you for your generosity.

As a result of the completed patronage campaign, the Simple English Propers Project has been able to organize itself for the production of the competed book, and just in time–We're now able to offer a set of propers for the beginning of the new Church Year, the First Sunday of Advent, in a polished design that will form the beginning of the completed collection.

Download Simple Propers for the First Sunday of Advent Here

Please keep in mind that the "beta" phase for this collection is not quite over yet. Time is still needed for the melodic formulas to stabilize, and for the Modified Douay Psalms to stabilize as well. I am working with a small team on these efforts and we are making great progress. I suspect in a month or so we will be well on our way toward finishing the entire book.

Note in this week's offering that we have decided to part ways with the "Simple Setting". I would like to hear in the comment box if this will be missed. The general consensus has said that it will not. If there are some among you who have relied upon having these simple settings I will do my best to get you the resources you need. The decision was made essentially because of the size of the book would be over 500 pages with two antiphons for each proper, and is under 300 with only one.

Please offer any feedback that you might have as we are rolling very quickly into locking in on production and completion of this collection.

UPDATE: Here are additional "Simple Setting" antiphons for those who need them
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