Sunday, January 23, 2011

Note Reflects Most Common Opinion

Believe it or not, and I know that this fact is deeply regrettable, but not everyone reads or hangs around on the forums, or otherwise keeps up with what is going on in the Catholic music blogosphere.

From among this less-connected sector of life arrives a note about once per day, and today is no exception. We usually don't blog these but I thought you might enjoy seeing what I regard as a very, very common view among mainstream Catholics.
I may be a lone voice crying in the wind, but is there a big chance that our liturgical music/hymnals will change (be required) with the Liturgical updates that are to come here in the US? Please tell me "Yes," because I am dying of monotony at Mass.

You know, the Catholic Church could take pointers from Orthodox and some Anglican (I used to be a member) churches when it comes to music/art/architecture/priestly robes. Visually/musically, it is uplifting. I don't get that in our churches. Has the Vatican noted this??

Don't misunderstand me when I say the Catholic Church has everything spiritually with the 7 sacraments and it is of prime importance, but everything else is anemic.

I also wish every parish had a Gregorian Chant choir, which I would LOVE to join. We wouldn't have to sing in Latin, but just capture that beautiful sound.

Can you give me a ray of hope in regard to our music? I'm ready to drop from folk song. Thank you so much!

I of course told her that she should move ahead and START a Gregorian schola now, and that the Catholic Church is a large ship that turns slowing but that we are fortunate enough to be living through times when the direction is starting to change.
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