Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sacred Notation, Sacred Music

Thanks to Pray Tell for this pointer to Lorenzo Candelaria's wonderful piece appearing on--get ready for it--Huffington Post. Candelaria is a professor at the University of Texas, and a wonderful scholar and person, in so many ways. He has written for Sacred Music in the past (I'm constantly leaning on him to write again) but one suspects that it is a better use of his insight and talent to post articles like this in unexpected places.

The musical arts of the Roman Catholic Church rank among its greatest contributions to contemporary culture. Music existed outside of the Church, of course. But it was the Catholic Church that first truly cultivated the art as we know it. In the service of praising God, it fostered a number of innovations -- such as musical notation -- that inform the ways we create and transmit music even today. READ MORE
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