Sunday, February 27, 2011

Charles Cole speaks about the rise of sacred music under Benedict XVI

I encourage you to browse to the English-language Vatican Radio program that interviews Charles Cole, director of the Cardinal Vaughan Schola in Kensington, England. He also serves as the "duty organist" at the Westminster Cathedral, among many other positions in England. He directed the brass during the Pope's Mass at Westminster and played organ later that day at the Hyde Park prayer vigil.

In this interview, which you can find about halfway through the program, he speaks about the direction that music has taken under Benedict, and provides outstanding arguments for the sacred music tradition. It was interesting for me to listen to this because he says precisely what so many of us have been saying in the United States. It's like the development of a truly international movement of chant and polyphony under the leadership of the Pope himself. It's all very inspiring.
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