Latin Missal 2002

One of the frustrations I’ve had for a long time is finding a current Latin Missal online for quick reference. A poster at the MusicaSacra Forum told of a copy available at

With no apparent restrictions on the text, and in the interest of greater accessibility in the English-speaking world, there is now a copy hosted at for direct download: Latin Missal 2002.

Missale Romanum 2002

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  1. Thank you! I was just considering emailing one of the publishers of the Missal to ask what it would cost for a PDF of the Latin for reference! Impeccable timing (for me, anyway)!

  2. Please note there were some emendations adopted to the Latin text in 2008, like the new optional dismissals. They don't appear to be incorporated into this version. I couldn't find an online version of the 2008 emendations online from a quick Google search.

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