Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mutual Enrichment

The question has been mooted about how, if the 2 forms of the Ordinary of the mass cannot be mixed, the mutual enrichment of the forms can take place (arguably this is more likely to be an enrichment of the newer form than the older given the prescriptive rubrics of the latter)? In his blog The Hermeneutic of Continuity Fr Tim Finnegan talks about an article he has written for the journal Usus Antiquior. Because of copyright restrictions on that publication it is difficult for me to quote the article at length, however a link can be found to it on Fr Tim's blog.

Here is the abstract from the article, which I can quote:

To what extent may the prayers and ceremonial actions of the usus antiquior be used in the celebration of Mass according to the Missal of Pope Paul VI? Examples of some elements being used by Archbishop Ranjith and Pope Benedict XVI seem to contradict in practice the idea that such enrichment is forbidden. An often quoted text from Notitiae, which discouraged the use of traditional elements, is examined and found wanting, especially in the light of Summorum Pontificum, which is considered in terms of its application to the celebration of the newer form of Mass. The enhancement of the newer form of Mass by the addition of elements from the usus antiquior is distinguished from arbitrary deformation of the liturgy and from the imposition of the priest’s personal whims. Some possible future practical developments are outlined.
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