The Renewal Will Be Youtubed

This is an amusing youtube video that advertises, which seems to be a pretty nice little service (though I’m not somehow “endorsing” it).

Maybe someone can make something equally over-the-top, with the whole “Gladiator” feel, for the Simple English Propers?

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  1. The whole feel of this video reminds me of the grassroots film video about the priestly ordinations in NY. Heck, it reminds me of any grassroots film video!

    You should get in touch with them!

  2. It is funny in it's own way. Does anybody know if this particular preparation program is any good? It looks like the attitude is right (that this isn't rocket science and is just a matter of catechesis).

  3. I find this video to be all to falsely optimistic. But we will see what reality is, when it comes into affect. You will still have all the liturgical abuses of the current NO translation, but under a new translation in my opinion. Nothing will change until stern mandates start coming from Rome. Get rid of altar girls and EMHC top star off with, then mandate all priests face East or the Benedictine arrangement.

  4. Why didn't they just take the 1962 Missal and place it into the venacular. Then make that the OF Mass. And under the 1962 rubrics of course. I guess that is WAY to simple!. Instead we get a rework of an already failed form of the Mass (Novus Ordo). And a new rework of an already failed Bible translation (NAB Revised Edition), instead of the much better RSVCE, because we want to be politically correct. Thanks USCCB!!.

  5. Ugh… enough of this sensationalism! There is NOT a new Missal coming out. The Missal we have now is ten years old and does not represent substantial changes from the two previous typical editions. We're getting a new translation. Some of our words may be changing, yes, but the meaning that they intend to express is not.

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