AVE VERUM CORPUS by Charles Culbreth

I hope you don’t mind if I post this setting, as I made the horrible misjudgment in trying to have this piece sight-read at my first CMAA Colloquium. It wasn’t an error in that everyone in D.C. Shrine at the session was in fine sight reading form throughout the session. I just was so nervous, and the piece alternates between chant-like counterpoint and German romanticism, that it was a daunting thing to attempt when you don’t know the terrain. I’m still so naive. I do remember that David Hughes was so supportive and complimentary.
Anyway, this is how it should sound, albeit this amounts to a “studio” recording. I’d be glad to share it upon request.
Blessings, enjoy and cheers.
PS. I offer this sharing in the name of the souls of the dead and suffering in Japan.

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