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  1. The "unspeakable version" (listen to the sound clip on OCP's site) of the Exultet sounds like something from the tv show Survivor when they have one of their jungle meetings. Lord Have Mercy, Kyrie Eleison, if this "unspeakable version" is the tripe actually being used in some parishes. Sad thing, it probably is.

  2. THANK YOU!! I was just looking for this as I found out yesterday that I will be singing the Exsultet since our "singing Priest" has moved on to another parish.

    I am particularly appreciative of the "Lay Proclamation" version here… several years ago I accidentally repeated a whole section because of the way it is laid out in the Missal with the parenthesise for what is sung by the Priest or "non-Priest". I was so embarrassed.

  3. Love the square note version. This looks pretty much the same as the one in the Canadian Sacramentary?

    The OCP one is truly horrible and I am thankful I have not previously encountered it. Bring on the lions and tigers.

  4. On closer look I see that it is similar but not the same as the one I know. Is this a standard setting for the US?

  5. Good Heavens! The "unspeakable" version is even beyond unspeakable. Was ROC watching an old 1930's B&W Jungle Film when he was working on this? What was he thinking, that we should tie someone to the Paschal Candle and then light it while having the EM's dance around it?

  6. OMG! Thank heavens I live in a monastery where the Exultet is chanted in a church lit only with candlelight (and no drums in sight). Even though I have not heard the entire piece, I cannot imagine that the "unspeakable" version does anything to enhance the Easter Vigil. I also cannot see how a cantor/refrain format for the Exultet would do anything but detract from the sacredness/solemness of that particular moment of the Easter liturgy.

  7. I can guess what the long/short forms are, but may I ask what the difference is between the lay/priestly versions?

  8. Hey Mr Tucker! No I have the same problem, its really random. I cant seem to access anything on that particular site…could you upload it independently from the cantemus domino pages?

  9. Unfortunately the OCP link works, however…where on earth do you find this stuff. Its almost like gossip in musical form. No matter how bad, one just has to share it!

  10. Ben, in the lay version the reference to the proclaimer being a deacon and the 'Dominus vobiscum' are omitted.

    I trust that the new translation will reinstate those parts of the Exsultet that ICEL left out. Give the bees their due! I understand that if there is no deacon it should be sung by a cantor and only as a last resort by the priest. And permanent deacons must learn to sing both the Exsultet and the Gospel. It goes with the dalmatic.

    Given the antiquity and importance of this chant there is a very strong case for singing it in Latin. Give the people the Latin text and a literal translation.

  11. St. Meinrad's abbey has an exultet on their site that's quite good and is also in square notes. It has the bees. 🙂

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