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  1. Jeffrey, thank you in spades for posting "The Caecilia" online. It is certainly worth the archival access. Reading parts, or all (not for the faint hearted), might be a good Lenten discipline. In v. 91, no.4 (Winter 1965), I found this:"Exit Gregorian Chant", [p. 136-139] and this: "Enter: Almost Anything", [p. 139-140] the first sentence of which is this: "The other-than-chant picture is possibly even more depressing." [p. 139].
    Indeed it was more depressing and still is when so much of what was promulgated as sacred music in 1965 is still being produced out of the same tired sources. However, on the other hand, the resurgence of interest in good liturgy, revised interest in Gregorian Chant, each wedded to the other "decently and in order", does provide continued hope for a much brighter future.
    Again, thank you for posting these digitized volumes.

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