New Collection of Responsorial Psalms and Gospel Verses: Lenten Sample

A new collection of Responsorial Psalms, Alleluias and Gospel Verses for the liturgical year is currently in preparation. The antiphons are composed by Fr. Columba Kelly OSB and the collection is edited by myself.

Here is a sample for download that includes all Responsorial Psalms and Gospel Verses, along with a Lenten Gospel Acclamation for the Lenten Season, Year A:


The method utilized here is very similar to the Simple English Propers project. The psalm tones and system of pointing are the same. The antiphons are not formulaic, but are through-composed. Some of the psalm tones are composed by Fr. Samuel Weber OSB, and others, in a similar way, I arranged myself.

The hope is that this collection will harmonize nicely with the Simple English Propers collection. I have been using these very settings in my own parish for nearly two years and they are sung well and beautifully by all. They add a wonderful dignity to the Liturgy of the Word and add a solemn splendor to the proclaimed Word of God.

I welcome feedback on these settings and would love to hear from the community if a complete collection along these lines would be a useful and effective collection for you. Let me know your thoughts!

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  1. As you move toward the completion of the Simple English Propers and publication of a book containing the whole collection, I would say that having the responsorial psalms and Gospel Acclamations in the same collection would be of huge benefit to those (like myself) who would consider purchasing the book for use in a particular congregation. Having to provide a congregation with too many things to hold on to during mass and too many pages to flip in order to find the next piece of music is not desirable. Why not go the whole route and publish a book that has everything one needs to participate in the liturgy – the missal texts, music, several alternate settings of the ordinary, the propers for each Sunday, etc. complete with responsorial psalms and Gospel acclamations? A lot of work, I know, but a really useful thing for a congregation at worship. Just a thought.

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