Roman Missal Training for Church Musicians at the Liturgical Institute

The Liturgical Institute of St. Mary of the Lake University in Mundelein, IL is holding a two day conference on April 8th and 9th for Church Musicians in preparation for the revised translation of the Roman Missal. The conference is an extension of the Mystical Body Mystical Voice program which provides catechesis and resources for the implementation of the Roman Missal on the parish level. The presenters are Fr. Douglas Martis (Institute Director), Christopher Carstens (Director of the Office of Worship, LaCrosse), and Fr. John-Mark Missio (Church Musician).

Here is a quick look at the five sessions that are being presented, all of which are immersed in chanted Morning Prayer, Midday Prayer, Vespers, and Mass:

Session I: A Liturgical Primer
The Word Made Flesh: A liturgical primer considering the Trinity as a divine love song in which we participate as members of Christ’s Mystical Body

Session II: Maturing in the Word: Liturgical Texts
A scriptural, historical and theological exploration of the principal sung parts of the Mass

Session III: The Song of the Mystical Body
An exploration of the singing of scriptural texts in the liturgy with attention to proper texts, and the selection of hymns and canticles in their place

Session IV: A Mystical Sound for the Mystical Body?
The chants of the new Missal as a point of contact with the sound of the Roman Rite

Session V: Hymns and Propers in Theory and Practice
A survey of vernacular settings of the Propers and similar repertoire

The Liturgical Institute is renowned for its orthodox liturgical theology and fidelity to the Mind of the Church. The question has been asked, though, if the Institute does anything to advance orthodox sacred music practice in addition to this. Judging from the content of this conference the answer clearly is YES!

For REGISTRATION and more information on the conference CLICK HERE.

And lastly, here is a wonderful video that describes in more detail what the Liturgical Institute is all about.

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  1. For those who can't attend this event in person, will it be webcast either live or at a later date?

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