Monday, March 14, 2011

Why We Should Sing

Fr. Anthony Ruff has a wonderful article in the new Pastoral Liturgy, which he has helpfully uploaded on his website: The Value of Unaccompanied Vernacular Chant in the Liturgy.

He is so right on this:

Singing is one of the most basic things human beingss do. Since the dawn of time, in the various cultures of the world, human beings have sung. Mothers have sung lullabies to their babies. Families have sung together before sharing a meal. Children at play have sung nursery rhymes. Saint Augustine reports in the fifth century that farmers sang psalms while working in the fields.

In our day, electronic recordings and earphones threaten to silence our singing. It is now possible to hear music all day long without producing any of it oneself. The liturgy calls us back to our humanity. The liturgy reunites us with our forebears. When we sing the liturgy, we are thereby made more human.
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