Thursday, April 21, 2011

Help us with the introduction to the Simple English Propers

The excitement about the Simple English Propers is very intense, and we are hoping for a summer release of the hard copy, with videos to follow. The final proofing stage is where we are now.

The book will contain a tutorial on how to sing, and, in particular, some explanation of the four-line staff.

Here is our draft version of the introduction as it stands right now.

Some issues:
  • Does it provide enough explanation of propers?
  • Will a musician who reads modern notes understand chant notation from this?
  • What about a person who doesn't read music at all? Can they get what they need from this?
  • Have we covered enough to get going singing the SEP?

It's my own view that every chant book produced today needs this type of explanation. i don't mind saying that I find the absence of such a tutorial in Ignatius's Compline book to be a problem.
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