Interview with Paul Ford

Composer Paul Ford, who works with the Liturgical Press, has long been an advocate of using the propers of the Mass as the basis of ritual song. His new collection pushes the paradigm of unaccompanied, vocal singing of the propers to new areas that includes ordinary chants, dialogues, and all the propers of the Mass, to be sung in unison or parts. He graciously agreed to an interview this morning.

You can see samples of the new collection here

Composer Paul Ford is interviewed by Jeffrey Tucker of the from Church Music Association of Amer on Vimeo.

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  1. Excellent interview, Jeffrey and Paul! I believe that the Skype/Vimeo format may provide resource providers such as Dr. Ford a less taxing way of reaching larger audiences and "clientele" so that he doesn't have to worry about leaving his lovely bride for yet one more foray into the hinterlands! (HT to PrayTell) Of course, we're still hoping he can visit us in October personally.
    We will be christening a new parish commnunity around July. Locally we've decided that this new parish will serve as the principal crucible for the implementation of the "Psallite" project repertoires, even in Spanish language situations with the Ordinary. It's versatility, flexibility and variety are attractive due to they're being accessible to different performance modalities, ie. solo cantor to choir/schola to ensemble-based groups, etc. And its "proper" orientation can be instituted as "normative practice" from day one of use.
    So, again, my thanks to Paul for representing California well in our American liturgical landscape.

  2. I guess I'm a little confused … I thought that the interviewee was required to be holding a baby … (?) … yes? no?

  3. And sporting a barong as well, JMO. (Looks like you need a new buzzcut, btw.)
    Dr. Ford is upholding the great California tradition of "when in doubt, plaid long sleeve sport shirt, button collar."
    Just wait, Ostrowski, when I go Vimeo with Todd Flowerday or Dan Schutte, I'll be in me best John Lennon meets Goth getup, minus eye shadow and nose ring.
    Now I must be off to practice some Aristotle tunes…

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