Officium Majoris Hebdomadae, et Octavae Paschae, Cum Cantu

This reprint of a rare, rare, rare 1923 book of Holy Week chant (needs some adaption for modern use) will arrive in time for Holy Week.

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  1. These propers are obviously different from the ones we use now. How many times have the propers been altered from time to time?

  2. I re-typeset the entire book with the 1950 changes, including the Chrism Mass and Blessing of Oils, and all Offices (Matins to Compline) with an Appendix for all possible Martyrology readings. All chanted prayers and readings are given in chant notation. I also included an Appendix for all Antiphonal psalm verses (Introit, Offertory, and Communion). It took me 8 months to complete, print and bind the 1,904-paged book.

  3. Oh, Sir, I haven't made the book online. I still need to find time to proofread the text. Probably after I finish my undergrad thesis. Plus, I do not know where to upload it. If you'd like, Sir, I can email you portions of the book.

  4. Sir, I have emailed the specimens in two parts thru said e-address. The text, I must repeat, still needs proofreading, most especially the rubrics for the blessing of holy oils (because its my translation and it's severely lacking). I'd happy if you could make some suggestions.

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