9 Replies to “Palm Sunday, Rome”

  1. Why does the Pontiff allow this choirs like this to sing for his liturgies and be televised to the entire world?

  2. Jason, to be fair, this is a people's hymn and the people are in fact singing it. Also this is an outdoor liturgy, and such events are impossible to record with studio-like results. We really must must stop this habit of evaluating low-quality recordings of outdoor gatherings in the same way we might evaluate the Tallis Scholars or something. We can either stop posting such things or we need to change our expectations. A live procession such as this is just not going to sound like it was performed and produced for home listening. It is as simple as that.

  3. The choir is mic-ed out the ying yang; so, what I heard is indeed the choir. I'm commenting solely on the tuning and tone quality of this choir.

  4. Actually, I believe the antiphon (hymn? whatever) being sung there is Gloria Laus, not the Pueri Hebraeorum…

    But that's a really beautiful video, I say. Very beautiful.

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