Cafe Readers need to know this

There are only a few spots remaining at the Sacred Music Colloquium. Readers of this site need to understand that sending a musician or priest to this conference is that surest guarantee that he or she will come back home ready to do the right thing for a parish music program.

And just to deal with a common worry here, it is not the case that anyone is hit over the head with a big copy of the Graduale Triplex while here. There are many people who come from a Praise and Worship, or Glory and Praise, background. These people will not be ridiculed or put down for their views. There is no fundamentalist attitude on display. The goal of the Colloquium is to expose people to the full tradition of liturgical music – and I’ve never seen a case where there aren’t great results.

Even if a person doubts that pastoral merit of chant, doesn’t it make sense to learn about the tradition, even if only from the point of view of history and musical competence? There really is no good reason for any Catholic musician not to understand and be enlightened.

I say all of this because there is no question that the colloquium will be filled to capacity, and readers of this site need to be aware of the opportunity here. If he means volunteering to pay the way of someone else, that would be a good thing to do. This conference offers the greatest hope for fundamental, long-lasting change in your parish. It is a much better way to use resources than grumbling ever week or otherwise railing in private. Let’s bring more light and less heat to this issue.

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