Introit, Pentecost

I could post these all day really, so I’ll stop, but I wanted you to hear that entrance for Pentecost. This will be sung at the Sacred Music Colloquium.

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  1. These will be very helpful for the vast majority of our faithful who … (horror!) do not read square notes!

  2. I use these at Mass every week and they are, if I may say so, possibly the single largest step forward in liturgical music since Vatican II. Here's why I say so…

    They are not simply good music (and they are that!) but are also very practical… easy to learn and very easy to make sound good. The modern English also keeps them from sounding "esoteric" or otherwise elitist…they are very obviously "text centered" and that is clear in the hearing. In other words… they really "work" in a parish setting… even in a parish where contemporary music is still the norm.

    SO… while the Graduale Romanum remains the definitive music book for the Roman Rite, I'm going to go out on a limb and say that, in all likelihood, the SEP are being used in more English speaking parishes than the Graduale already, and as the issue of Propers comes to the fore in the future, that number will increase significantly in a very short time.

  3. I humbly suggest that people not be permitted to post as ANONYMOUS and instead must create some sort of identifying name….even Anonymous IV, but that's already taken!

    It's mind boggling to read three messages by what the brain sees as the same person that totally contradict each other.

    Merely saying that one does not care for them is absolutely a waste of bandwidth. If you do not like something you must say what it is about them that you do not like so that others can be guided by your comment.

    Otherwise you leave people thinking, "Gosh, what is it about this music that I should not care for?"

    Back to the subject. It is of great interest that the internet now makes it possible for people to learn chant the way it was taught originally – by listening to it as it is sung. I cannot tell you how valuable this is, whether you care for it or not.

    To have hundreds of people listening to these on their car CD's in preparation for singing at Mass! WOW!

    Yes, there will be some people who never learning to read the round notes, square notes or any kind of notes and this some will find offensive.

    But people are chanting once again.

  4. Astounding! And by the way, THANK YOU for putting the link on the MusicaSacra web-site!

    What does the "Practice Videos Timeline" look like? Will a week's Propers recording be available in the few months/weeks before it is scheduled to be chanted?

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