Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It's happening

Last night, I had my first look at the completed book The Simple English Propers, by Adam Bartlett (with many collaborators). I'm still beside myself with joy. Single sheet downloads are one thing; a completed book for the whole liturgical year is something else entirely. This project only began last Advent, and now is 99% complete, and the last 1% should be complete today.

On this same day, we signed the last of the contracts to go forward with the Simple Choral Graduale by Richard Rice.

I hope you can appreciate what is happening here. For the first time since the new order of Mass appeared in 1969/1970, we will now have two complete books of (modern) English propers for Sundays and feasts specially prepared for the ordinary form Roman Rite. This is a remarkable step. Yes, it is forty years too late. What's important is that it is happening.

I'm elated. A special thank you to all donors who made this possible. I hope that it will not be too many weeks before I can post links where you can get these books - and the prices are going to be so low and affordable - low enough for every parish.

St. Cecilia, pray for us!
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