On the Politics and Manufacture of Medieval Choirbooks in Tuscany

If you can overlook some of the opening polemics on architecture and liturgical structure, this lecture provides an incredibly interesting look at the development of chant manuscripts. James Maiell is senior lecturer in music at Vanderbilt’ Blair School of Music, and he is speaking at the Commencement 2011 Faculty Seminars. Prepare for chant uber-geekdom.

4 Replies to “On the Politics and Manufacture of Medieval Choirbooks in Tuscany”

  1. This clown is a SENIOR lecturer??!?? Talk about 'grade inflation'! I know high school sophomores who could do better than this idiot. Evidently Mr. Maiell never took a course in Logic or in public speaking, let alone educational methodology. And his grasp of the historical record is egregiously superficial.

  2. I stopped watching part way through. The information was interesting, but the relentless and naive political view was discouraging. Is he unable to conceive of the possibility that people usually have mixed motives. Could he not entertain the thought that they could be both playing politics and striving for the greater glory of God? The 'scholar' who doubt's everything, but is certain of their motives, is not an improvement over the hagiographers.

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