Saturday, May 21, 2011

Praise for Mass of the Sacred Heart

I am a Permanent Deacon in the Parishes of ____. Both are small parishes, with small churches and a small choir. We had a meeting today to sing through some of the new mass settings, to select one to use in the parish with the new translation. None of the Mass settings we have been using in the church - a fairly traditional place - has been "upgraded" to the new words, and so I traweled through the internet looking for what was available. I have used the musicasacra web site for items in the past, and was pleased to find the Mass of the Sacred Heart setting. It is one of those settings which sticks in the mind, and I have found myself humming it continually. Suffice it to say, that out of the six settings we sang through, this Mass setting was universally accepted by the Parish priest and the choir (and more importantly, organist) as the one to teach our congregation.

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