Remarkable Advances in Choral Singing and Sharing

Eric Whitacre went from aspiring rock musician to a composer for the Westminster Cathedral. Here is his piece Lux Aurumque, and the video that follows tell the story of how it came about. Both are worth watching. See if you are not inspired by the theme and method, and how music can be such a driving force for drawing people to common goals.

3 Replies to “Remarkable Advances in Choral Singing and Sharing”

  1. Dang, it's too bad I knew nothing about this. When I was a senior in high school I sang in the Kansas State Choir and we did Whitacre's "Sleep" so I actually have the music and know how to sing it. I might have been willing to do the unthinkable and actually load a video of myself singing onto YouTube for something like this!

  2. Hmmm, Sleep suffers from a bad libretto. It was originally written to "Stopping by the woods," an infinitely superior if overused poem, but the Frost estate refused permission on the copyright. But it's pretty easy to figure out how the original text fits into the music…

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