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  1. This may be a ridiculous question, but, are there rules regarding what translation is used for the Propers? Could one use Early Modern English if desired?

    The text here in Mr. Rice's Graduale seems to be different than what is listed on the "Proper of Time" section of the USCCB website. http://usccb.org/romanmissal/advent-christmas.pdf

    Are we allowed to sing different words than will be in the Sacramentary?

  2. I had wondered the same as Brent did above… the texts for the SCG and the SEP are also different than those given in the "popular" resources such as OCP's "Breaking Bread", etc…
    which I assume are the so-called "Lectionary" Propers…which were intended to be read. Where do the Proper texts used in the SCG and SEP come from?

    Of course, I'm going to buy one of these anyway, on the principle that if you can substitute "Gather Us In" for Vocem iucunditatis, then surely one can substitute a different translation without violating the "Spirit of Vatican II"!

  3. The texts are from the current Missal propers but because they are sung propers, there is no requirement at all that they precisely match what appears in the Missal. The placement of the propers themselves are unchanged from the Latin.

    The SEP in contrast uses Gradual propers.

  4. Thanks Jeffrey;

    I suspected that was the case, but wasn't sure if there was perhaps some other "approved" translation of the Propers. Is there a possibility that there will ever be such a thing… an "approved" book of complete texts for the sung Propers?

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