New Singing of the Credo in the Roman Missal

This is so interesting and exciting: a wonderful example of how this forthcoming Missal in English has inspired such happy anticipation. Here is Richard J. Clark of St. Cecilia’s in Boston singing Credo I. Many people who have sung through both I and III in the Missal agree that Credo I is the best one for congregations. I look forward to the day when all Catholics know this by heart.

There are still plenty of people, left and right, who are putting down this Missal and grumbling about various aspects of the music (notation, melodies, etc.). When I speak to these people at length, I can sort of understand their perspective. There are things I would change (no one asked). But then when you back up a bit and look at the big picture (which involves both the musical meltdown of the last decades and the warm embrace of chant in this Missal), you can see that all this griping really misses the point.

The point is that these chants have given hope to an entire generation that the sung Mass of the Roman Rite can really be reclaimed.