The Simple Choral Gradual

We have not one but two great new books for the ordinary form. The second is Richard Rice’s Simple Choral Gradual. Parishes have been using this book for years, but only from online downloads. At last it is print. We viewed it for the first time yesterday. Again, given how much music is in here, it is rather surprising just how compact the book is. We chose spiral for the easiest possible format. Congratulations Richard Rice! This is an essential book for any parish. We will hear some of the music today at the Colloquium Mass.  Here is the Amazon link. Again, the links says out of stock but that is not really true. It is just how Amazon describes things will they have run out but there will be more in a day or two, so you can order now. And by the way, I’m certainly NOT the editor. The person who posted this just got a bit carried away and so that will be fixed.