Christus Vincit!

This is indescribably thrilling. A complete story about these kids from St. Mary’s, Norwalk, CN, and their concert is right here.


The audience could sense the magnitude of their mission, as the singers processed down the aisle toward the sanctuary to a solemn organ processional. Nonetheless, as the children and sisters took their places, their faces reflected nothing but joy. The processional then immediately segued into the anthem, Virgin Great and Glorious a traditional Catholic hymn, conducted by Sister Mary Concepta, SV, with David Hughes at the organ. To begin with this pure, beautiful, yet expansively powerful hymn left no doubt that this work is consecrated to the patron saint of the parish, and Queen of all saints.

The combined voices of Sisters and students were a strong and flawlessly unison blend that was never overpowered by Hughes prayerful accompaniment. As David Hughes then took his place at the podium, the rapport between singer and conductor was evident, with all eyes riveted on him in anticipation, and there they remained.