Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Here's a Deal on the Parish Book of Chant

I was thinking about the Parish Book of Chant yesterday, realizing with some alarm that it was published just in time for the revival, and without it, we would be in real trouble.

It contains all the chant hymns that Catholics must know and that gets scholas and congregations going with singing chant. Richard Rice did the design and typesetting. Arlene Oost-Zinner had suggested the inclusion of the complete ordo for the ordinary and extraordinary forms. This turned out to be a brilliant addition because it demonstrates the parallels in a manner consistent with the current emphasis.

Nearly 12,000 copies have been distribution since its publication in 2008. That's really an incredible number in this world. Again, this book was published just in time.

This is a 193-page hardback book. The CMAA has agreed to make it available for $7 each for a box of 40. This is a great book to have for the schola or congregation or just to have for your private evangelistic efforts. If you are interested in this large-quantity deal, write Janet Gorbitz and she can make the arrangements for you.
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