Msgr. Wadsworth news

Now, that’s a title guaranteed to draw interest, right? Msgr. Andrew Wadsworth has emerged as one of the most brilliant commentators and scholars in this age of liturgical transition. He has a way of crafting publishable articles just during his casual banter. He manages to combine a scholarly with a pastoral temperament – with content that is at once thoroughly orthodox and unconventional. In addition, in his personality, he reminds one of want a 19th-century diplomat might have been like, a person who is able to say what’s true, what’s principled, what’s wise, all while keeping the peace . I tell you, it takes a person like this to deal with the current environment.

So, with that said, see these three posts at PrayTell: his review of Fr. Cekada’s book on V2, part one of Msgr.’s New York talk, and also part two.