New SEP link and other points

The Simple English Propers page at MusicaSacra has a new and memorable URL:

Amazon is not offering such clarity but at least the book is now consistently in stock.

There are no public records to compare sales of Catholic music books across time but you might have noticed that this book has been as high as 2,000 on the list of bestsellers and not dipped belong 20,000. These are amazing numbers, and we are already preparing for the second printing. We don’t want to come up short on inventory (which is possible) but neither are we in a position to print before we can pay for it, which we can’t right now.

I’ve heard wonderful reports of fantastic and even heroic work by Dr. Paul Ford who is attending the NPM convention. He spoke glowingly about the book in front of 2,000 people, waving it around and putting a picture on the big screen. You know, this kind of generosity of spirit is a rare thing in the music world. Bless him!

Finally, I was struck by what Gavin wrote in the MusicaSacra forum: “What amazes me about the SEP is their versatility. They can be sung by choir; by soloist; cantor on verse, choir on antiphon; alternatim men/women; the psalm sung by the congregation(!); in some communities, it may even be possible to teach the congregation certain important antiphons. Musically they can be sung in unison, octaves, with improvised organ accompaniment, with vocal/instrumental drone, with percussive instruments, etc. The melodies are even worthy of a skilled organist improvising upon them.”