Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pop quiz, hotshot! What will you do?

RIP Dennis Hopper!
As my Brit bud IanW called me out last week, I'm in a red phone box with only a few quid and JT needs my post last week... I have only four lines of copy that I can shout to Tucker before the phone goes beep-beep-beep. Here goes:

1. Your pastor wants you to immediately engage the congregation in singing the propers, he insists upon their FCAP access. But he won't switch from using a pulp subscription missal, so you only have the Entrance and Communion antiphon texts.
2. You also cannot publish any musical settings of any propers in either a weekly ordo or the parish bulletin; no $ for ordo, no space in bulletin. (Also, no audio/visual available.)
3. You have the SEP, the Vatican II Hymnal, every Rice choral and chant and short "chant-based" monophy collections, the entire CCW catalogue, BFW, B.Ford's Amer. Gradual, Psallite, Ken Macek's Psallite propers, C.Tietze's strophic settings, and all the rest found at Musica Sacra, and you've composed some propers yourself. And NO PSALM TONES or the Wildcat gets blown up!*
4. How do you fulfill the pastor's demand to get the congregation singing the propers under these strict conditions? (You cannot quote Mahrt!)

"What will you do, hotshot? WHAT WILL YOU DO?"
*Obscure reference from the film whose title remains unmentioned.
And a little personal PS for dance fans- if our scholas, choirs and cantors would take their regimens as seriously as the contestants on the Fox Reality "SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE," there wouldn't be any musical problems in the American Roman Catholic Music scene, at 'tall! These kids are artists!
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