Friday, August 5, 2011

Colloquium of the Gregorian Institute of Canada

The sixth annual colloquium of the Gregorian Institute of Canada began yesterday, and it looks like a wonderful event:
The Gregorian Institute of Canada has focused from its inception on performance, providing a unique opportunity for scholars and performers from Canada and around the world to share and discuss their ideas, research and experience. This year’s theme—Chant: Old and New—is inspired by a particular chant book, which makes Halifax’s Saint Mary’s University its home: the Salzinnes Antiphonal, a 16th-century Cistercian manuscript from what is now the region of Namur in modern-day Belgium. Some of the manuscript’s musical riches will be presented in concert during the conference by five-time Grammy winning composer, conductor and performer, PAUL HALLEY and members of his University of King’s College (Halifax) Chapel Choir. MARGOT FASSLER, recently appointed the Keough-Hesburgh Professor of Music History and Liturgy at the University of Notre Dame, will be giving a plenary address and SUSAN HELLAUER, of Anonymous 4 fame, will be leading workshops in chant performance.
Here is a PDF of the entire program
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