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Maybe of the great videos posted here appear first on the – a community of people with great eyes and ears for sacred music. This morning RichardUK posted this revelation. Both the music and performance are remarkable.

Recorded on January 10th, 2011. Versa est in luctum, by Alonso Lobo (1555-1617), composed for the obsequies of Philip II of Spain, who died in 1598. “My harp is turned to mourning and my music into the voice of those that weep. Spare me, Lord, for my days are nothing.”

CONTINUUM is the newest and most dynamic early music ensemble on the UK classical music scene.

Under the collaborative leadership of top producer and director Adrian Peacock, the internationally renowned expert in Spanish early music Bruno Turner and bass-baritone Jamie W. Hall, CONTINUUM brings together twelve of the finest professional consort singers in London, carefully chosen to produce a unique and vibrant sound that celebrates the very best qualities of the English choral tradition and the powerful beauty of the uninhibited human voice.

This all-male ensemble has made 16th century Spanish sacred polyphony and chant the core of its repertoire, and seeks to perform this wonderful music at the original, sonorous low pitch as it would have been heard in Spanish cathedrals and religious institutions during Spain’s “Golden Age”.