Super Flumina Babylonis: Offertory for 26th Sunday

Happy day: the offertory antiphon for Sunday is “Super Flumina Babylonis” and some of the most remarkable music of the Renaissance sets this text, which means that the proper of the Mass can be sung polyphonically in any number of settings.

Our choir knows this one by Palestrina, so this is what we will sing. Thank you Taipei Singers for a loving and passionate performance! Can we import you to our parish for a tomorrow performance? Note the memorization of all music, and the work-of-art style of conducting. Absolutely wonderful.

However, youtube turns up others, such as this marvel by Philippe de Monte – yet another composer of the period with whom I’m unfamiliar. Embedding disabled sadly but go away.

And here is Victoria

Finally, for those who love this exotic sound of Charpentier here is a version you will not very likely hear in liturgy in your lifetime.