Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Richard Rice in Service of Catholic Liturgy

Those who are interested in high quality music for Catholic liturgy need to spend some time at Richard is the compiler of the now-famous Parish Book of Chant, which can be credited for having sparked the chant revival in the English-speaking world. He also put together Communio, which is used the world over. He is also the composer of the Simple Choral Gradual, which is a complete resource for sung choral propers for the liturgical year.

At his website, you will find vastly more, including:
  • A Parody Mass on O Filii for choir and organ (full PDF)
  • Wonderful offertory motets for Advent and Christmas (full PDF)
And that is truly just the beginning. He publishes some music with commercial publishers but vast amounts for liturgical use are freely given away. His work is certainly worthy of your financial support!

Again, for these and more, go to
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